Piece picking solution

Random depalletizing from a cargo

Depalletizing and palletizing system

Devanning system

Introduction of piece picking

Piece picking for box-shaped items

Depalletizing for cases

Next generation piece-shipping center

Next generation case-shipping center

New algorithm of MUJIN 3D vision


Case study of ASKUL

Factory automation

Bin picking for forgings

Bin picking and inspection for large forgings

Bin picking for wide variety of billet metal

Bin picking and insertion into a press machine

Bin picking for small resins

Introduction of bin picking solution

Bin picking for bolts

Bin picking for ring forgings

Case study

Piece picking solution for ASKUL

Video of piece picking solution for part-1

Video of piece picking solution for part-2

Video of depalletizing robots for PALTAC

Video of bin picking solution for KITZ

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