Robot Controller OEM


Robot Controller OEM

In an era when anyone can become a robot manufacturer, use the world's latest technology to make your company’s robot into a robot that sells!

Mujin is the only company offering a wide range of automation applications for case-shipping centers in wholesale, retail etc., extending from vehicle/container unloading (devanning) in upstream warehouse logistics, to midstream piece picking and downstream palletizing.
Whilst logistics is subject to rising demand, worksites are plagued by difficulties in recruiting people to work in such tough environments. Mujin continues the challenge to resolve these issues through robotics.

From a time when nobody could become a robot manufacturer, to a time when everyone can...

Conventional methods - Problems

Mujin system - Solutions

Feature 1 Kinematics libraries compatible with any robot structure

The kinematic control of the TeachWorker is rare in its world-class versatility, handling any mechanical structure with servomotor driven multiaxial machinery, including closed-link types. Fully exploit your creativity in development.


Feature 2 Innovative user interface

An intuitive operability has been realized which, once tried, will make it difficult to go back to a conventional UI. By freeing users from traditional complicated programming, with lists of joint values, the use of 3D graphics and the Mujin proprietary language, ITL, makes robots into devices that anyone can handle.


Feature 3 Significant reductions in teaching work with a next-generation teaching system

With the world's most advanced motion planning technology, equipped with automatic interference avoidance functionality, simply designating a starting point and a destination point enables the robot to move immediately with no interference. It is also possible to operate robots in more confined areas.


Feature 4 Takt time is drastically reduced with the robot optimization function

Traditionally, considerable experience was required to improve robot operation efficiency, and a good or bad takt time was strongly dependent on the experience of the teacher.
Solutions for all Mujin operations are calculated at high speed and optimized. As such, the optimum operation will be calculated in one run, regardless of who is in control, and by not relying on the expertise of a person, know-how is accumulated at the company.


Feature 5 Mujin’s latest robot language (ITL)

Mujin's proprietary robot language, the Industrial Task Language (ITL) was developed over a long period of time. It is a language that teaches requested operations rather than robot arm movements, so there is no need to teach the robot the movements themselves. Not only can the more simple work be learned immediately, but the compatibility with advanced systems requiring highly complex signal exchanges, will ensure satisfaction amongst professionals.


Feature 6 CAD/CAM offline simulator included as standard

Separately from the actual machines, it is possible to use simulations to check programs that have been created. Also, with regard to layout and task changes, maximum gains from the machine can be obtained at start-up by creating and testing the operations in advance using simulations. Since CAD/CAM functions are also included, tasks such as welding, laser cutting and deburring are also instantly generated simply by entering CAD data into the controller.


Feature 7 Remote maintenance function

Simply connecting the controller to an Internet environment makes remote connection possible. Safe operation is supported with quick responses for remote users.


TeachWorker OEM can speed up your robot development dramatically.

  • 1. Whatever the robot mechanism, single-run analysis of inverse kinematics enables a free style of development

    Using Mujin's TeachWorker, problems of singular points and joint limits can be completely eliminated by deriving all solutions, not only for scalar and vertical multi-joint types, but also for special multi-axis robots, such as those with dual arms.

  • 2. The all-in-one provision of functions required for robot control greatly reduces development costs

    TeachWorker has a variety of functions enabling the actual use of robots on site included as standard. By greatly reducing the enormous amount of time and development cost involved for completely new designs when using conventional motion controllers, we enable you to achieve an overwhelming difference from your competitors.

  • 3. Robots can go on the market right away.

    The MUJIN Controller has all the necessary control software, powerful applications, simulators, 3D graphics, and stress-free interfaces bundled to enable a prompt market debut for a robot.

System configuration

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