The operation of unloading from containers (devanning) at logistics sites is associated with a tough labor environment and the problem of its automation has been grappled with over many years. However, manufacturers all over the world have continually failed in this most difficult of challenges in logistics industry automation. MUJIN is the first in the world to solve this frontier task.

Conventional methods - Problems

  • 4 to 5 workers required
  • Tough labor (up to 50 ℃ in containers over summer)
  • Work-break required for each job
Recruitment is difficult…

MUJIN system - Solutions

  • Fully automated devanning
  • Operates continuously - 24 hours a day and 365 days a year
  • No resting. No stopping. No quitting.
Freeing people from tough labor

Feature 1 Random size support

In addition to working with a single item type, it’s even possible to recognize and pick workpieces with different sizes!


Feature 2 Maximize storage efficiency

Specialized hands for devanning changes grasp according to the workpiece.


Feature 3 One MUJIN control - Improves safety -

Robots, travel motors and hands are controlled by a single MUJIN Controller. They operate safely in restricted spaces.


System configuration

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