Change the World with Your Hands

Work with the best engineers from around the world

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Change the World with Your Hands

As the work force continues to decrease by over 2000 workers each day in Japan, demand for labor continues to increase. Mujin’s aim is to free humans from menial labor, and to lay the foundation for a more productive and affluent world. Changing people’s lives, and essentially the world, is in your hands. Are you not interested in such a job?


Work with the best engineers from around the world

At Mujin, engineers who are world-class in their field, with backgrounds from various universities and companies, have the passion and insight to strive for innovation.
Won’t you advance your career by allowing your skills to shine in an environment of great talent and collaboration?


Majority of applicants apply directly

Mujin is a company full of highly self motivated individuals, who believe that they are the best fit for the position. Because of this, most of our successful applicants apply directly, followed by referrals. So don’t hesitate, apply now, and we will get back to you shortly.


Mujin's mind

Mujin engineers are required to be proactive. They take responsibility for their own projects, and have a can-do attitude to work.

Mujin Team

The Mujin team, innovators of the robot industry.

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To operate at maximum performance

We created an ideal work environment.

Job Openings

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Job Location Detail
Senior Infrastructure Engineer Tokyo Detail
Software Engineer Tokyo Detail
Robotics System Engineer Tokyo Detail
Infrastructure Engineer (Support specialist) Tokyo Detail
3D Sensor Engineer Tokyo Detail
Backend System Engineer Tokyo Detail
Camera Calibration Engineer Tokyo Detail
Frontend System Engineer Tokyo Detail
Hardware System Engineer Tokyo Detail
Computer Vision Engineer (Object Detection & 3D Pose Estimation) Tokyo Detail
Software Engineer in Test Tokyo Detail
System Integration Engineer Tokyo Detail
Hardware System Engineer (Testing) Tokyo Detail
UI/UX Designer Tokyo Detail
Infrastructure Engineer (Desktop Services) Tokyo Detail

Corporate staff

We are not hiring at the moment.


Job Location Detail
Software Engineer Intern Tokyo Detail
Frontend Engineer Intern Tokyo Detail
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