Statement on reported COVID-19 positive case

On March 3, it was confirmed that one of the employees at Mujin, Inc. in Koto-ku, Tokyo tested positive for COVID-19. He had been working from home before the symptoms were confirmed. Based on our investigation, we understand that the employee did not interact with any employees or customers in person during the relevant period.

 Date tested positive: March 3, 2021
 Date confirmed symptoms: February 26, 2021
 Last date at work: February 23, 2021  

We sincerely apologize for the anxiety and concern that this news may cause to people in the surrounding regions and to our business partners. We are continuously working to further enhance our communication and health checks with all the employees.  

We will continue to update swiftly as the conditions change, work closely with the local health authorities, and take appropriate measures against future infections.