Camera Calibration Engineer


  • Develop camera calibration algorithms including intrinsic parameter estimation, stereo transform estimation, and robot hand-eye calibration
  • Test and benchmark camera calibration algorithms for robustness to varying lighting conditions, noise levels, distortion, and systematic errors in cameras and robots
  • Develop and improve algorithms for detecting calibration patterns
  • Work with motion planning engineers to develop optimal pose generation algorithms for hand-eye calibration
  • Support field engineers who run into calibration issues
  • Integrate new sensors, which may have nonstandard camera models, into the existing calibration framework

Required Skills

  • Experience with sensor calibration, 3D sensor development, and related projects
  • Deep understanding of projective geometry, linear algebra, and mathematical optimization
  • High proficiency in Python or C++
  • Ability to transform ideas from academic papers into robust and efficient code
  • Effective oral and written communication skills in English
  • Highly enthusiastic about robotics

Preferable Skills

  • Deep knowledge of lens distortion models, projection models, multi-camera sensor calibration, multi-view geometry, and statistics
  • Vast practical computer vision experience
  • Very solid experience in both Python and C++
  • Experience in creating organized and flexible code that scales to multiple applications
  • Previous contributions to open source projects

Work Location

Tatsumi office : 3-8-5 Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0053 Japan

Working Hours

8:45~17:45 (Includes 1-hour break)

Expected Salary

Flexible depending on the candidate's experience


  • Buffet lunch (Free) →Read in Mujin blog.
  • High-end coffee machine (Free) →Read in Mujin blog.
  • Drinks and Snacks (Free)
  • Team dinner subsidy
  • Gym facilities in the office
  • No dress code (You can dress casually)
  • Social Insurance
  • Transportation/Commuting Expenses paid


2 full days off guaranteed per week *Holidays follow the company calendar
Paid leave

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