Robot intelligence will change the world!

Using the world’s best industrial motion planning AI technology in the world, which was developed by Dr. Rosen and applied to over 1000 different robots worldwide over 10 years, Mujin created the “Mujin Controller,” which plays a central part in the company’s high-value automation system solutions.



A top talent team from around the world

Mujin is composed of only the world’s top engineers; a startup enterprise with an elite team of 70. We’ve put together a highly skilled, multinational team from Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, MIT, the University of Paris, University of Tokyo, Peking University, Tsinghua University and ten other countries; having this team with the professionals on site contributes to our strength as a company.



To improve mankind’s productivity

Since its founding, Mujin has remained committed to the field of industrial robotics. This is because we are confident that Mujin’s teachless technology, which makes robots more intelligent and easier to use, extends their range of practical applications, expands their market, improves the productivity and quality in production sites, and, in the near future, creates valuable solutions to the problems of declining birthrates and aging populations in developed countries including Japan.



Mujin’s mission

To automate robots with software systems to increase worldwide manufacturing productivity

Mujin’s slogan

Industrial Robots for Everyone