Mujin CTO and co-founder
Dr. Rosen Diankov

Diankov was born in Bulgaria in 1983. He migrated to America with his family at the age of 10. He studied computer science and artificial intelligence in high school, and acquired his PhD with the thesis “Automated Construction of Robotic Manipulation Programs” from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. After graduation, he co-founded Mujin in Japan in 2011.


Mujin CEO and co-founder
Issei Takino

Issei was born in 1984 in Osaka, Japan. In 2011, he established Mujin with the world-famous robot engineering expert Dr. Rosen. Before establishing Mujin, he graduated from a U.S. university and worked for the famous Warren Buffet-owned ISCAR Co. Ltd, the world’s most profitable manufacturing company; he has a shining record of achievements, including many awards for his technical solution sales activities proposing manufacturing processes. Experience at competitive production sites in Japan has given him a wide range of knowledge, pragmatism and drive to make great strides in the robot venture industry, which is considered to be particularly difficult to commercialize.