Robot Award

MUJIN’s product, the completely teachless bulk picking MUJIN Controller “Pick Worker,” won the 7th Robot Award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.


The JEITA Venture Award 2017

The JEITA Venture Award recognizes both developments in the information technology industry and business ventures that contribute to economic development; in 2017, MUJIN was selected as one of seven companies to receive the award.


The Kigyoka (entrepreneur) Award

The Kigyoka (entrepreneur) Award is given to venture entrepreneurs who have made remarkable progress throughout the year. In addition to current progress, highly valued aspects include past achievements, future prospects, the degree of contribution to society and business activities that give dreams to the youth, who is going to support the future Japanese society. It aims to contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy by honoring entrepreneurs who create new culture through business.


Japan Venture Award 2018

The Japan Venture Awards recognizes executives of innovative, ambitious venture companies that have a high growth potential and contribute to regional activation.


61st Ten Greatest New Product Award - Japan Brand Award

MUJIN's "Piece Picking Solution" won "Japan Brand Award" in Ten Greatest New Products Award. This award is for the new products which have competitive technology in the world or enhance the brand of "Made by Japanese company. "

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